Thursday, February 10, 2011

Richmond Area Toyota Service Center Offering Great Brake Special

Haley Toyota Certified, one of the leading Richmond area Toyota service centers and dealers, is happy to offer great Valentine’s Day specials to their customers. Everything, from brakes to belt adjustments, can be had for low, low prices. With time running out on these great specials, it’s important to check out some of the best that Haley Certified has to offer. Let’s take a quick look at some of the available specials, specials that will keep that car running and keep the wallet full.
Toyota Service Richmond
The first special available from Haley Toyota Certified, one of the leading Richmond area Toyota service centers, is the “Love It” special. For only $59.95, customers will be treated to a deluxe check on a number of different vehicle parts. The “Love It” special entails customers to a lube oil and filter change, four wheel tire rotation, alignment check, vital fluid analysis, and a multi-point inspection.

The next special that customers can consider is the “STOP” In the Name of Love special. Brake pads are an essential part to maintaining the quality of safety and braking in any vehicle. For $99.95, customers will be able to get a top of the line, genuine Toyota front brake pad replacement. Inferior brake pads will never be used on any vehicle and the brake pads at Haley are straight from the manufacturer.

Toyota Service Specials Near Richmond

The next special that customers should consider from this Richmond area Toyota service center is the “Love is in the Air” special. This deluxe package includes many important maintenance features, some that on their own would be more expensive than the $96.95 price of the entire special. The special includes replacing the clean air cabin filter, HVAC ventilation service, installation of power foam and refresher, a performance check, belt adjustment, and much more!

Furthermore, Haley Certified is also offering a deluxe car wash to its customers for $19.95. Get the deluxe car wash treatment now as it is always nice to have that vehicle looking clean and like new. Haley is also offering a “Make your own Valentine” special. In this special, they will offer special price reductions on certain spending. If a customer spends $100-$199, they will get $8 taken off their bill. If they spend $200-$299, they will get $13 off their bill. If a customer spends $300-$399 or $400 and up, they will receive $18 and $25 off their bill, respectively.

Valentine’s Day is almost here so it is imperative to get down to Haley Toyota Certified to take advantage of these limited time offers. Customers will not regret the quality of service being offered for such low prices! For more information on Haley Toyota Certified, please call (804) 201-9188 or visit

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