Thursday, January 13, 2011

Market Value Pricing at Leading Richmond Used Cars Dealer

Haley Toyota Certified Center, a leading seller of Richmond used cars, would like to inform its customers that they can trust the price of any used vehicle on the lot.  With the economy still recovering, customers have been concerned about the potential for sticker shock.  This sticker shock has come from other dealers raising their prices due to the higher cost of purchasing the used cars they have on their lots.

Since car buyers are holding on to their vehicles longer than they used to, there has been concern about the potential for this to happen across the board.  At Haley Toyota Certified Center, there is no need to worry about this problem.  This Richmond used cars dealer has and will always use market value pricing when determining the price of any used car on their lot.  But you may be asking, what is market value pricing?  The answer to this question is a simple one, actually. Read on and view the video below.

Market value pricing (MVP), available on the entire lot of used cars at this Richmond used cars dealership, is more than just a catchy acronym.  Haley Toyota Certified Center knows that car buyers will do their research before showing up to the dealership, especially when looking for the best price possible on a great used vehicle.  This is why Haley finds it important to price their vehicles relative to what they are on the market, creating great savings for you, the customer!

Richmond Used Cars Available for Market Value Pricing

Richmond Used CarsSo how does Haley Toyota Certified Center, a prominent Richmond used cars dealership, determine the price?  Unlike most of their competitors, Haley feels that a vehicle’s worth is determined by availability and demand, not for the price they bought it at.  Customers can feel satisfied knowing they got a fair shake when they come to Haley for their used car needs.

Haley Toyota Certified Center will not inflate any of their prices on any of the used vehicles they purchase for their lot.  Regardless of how much was spent on purchasing the vehicle from a previous owner, customers can rest easy knowing that Haley will not pass on this extra cost to its customers.  Haley has always valued its customers and believes that they are the number one priority in their business.

With a commitment to market value pricing, Haley Toyota Certified is the place to go when looking for that high quality used vehicle.  There is quite a variety of vehicles currently on the lot so now is a great time to come in and check them out.  With great financing and options available, Haley Toyota Certified is the place to be this winter!

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