Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Tips For Winterizing Your Toyota Vehicle

The Haley Toyota Certified Sales and Service Center is a Toyota factory authorized service facility. They are offering Richmond area Toyota owners tips on winterizing their vehicle.

 The forecast is for the current deep freeze that we are feeling in the Richmond VA area may last a little longer. If you have not had your vehicle winterized yet, you may want to do so soon. The Haley Toyota Certified Sales and Service Center employs Toyota Master trained technicians and has all of the parts necessary to winterize your car. Follow these winterizing tips from the Haley Certified Center:

1 - Check antifreeze. Cooling system failure is the main cause of engine related breakdowns. Follow you manufactures guidelines for a coolant system flush for your vehicle. This repair is normally recommended every two years.
2 - Replace wiper blades. We recommend that you replace you wiper blade inserts twice a year and fill your windshield washer tank with a freeze resisitant solution. Wiper blades wear out more often this time of year from being turned on while ther is still frost on the windows.
3 - Check car battery. If your battery is more than 3 years old , have a technician checck its capacity. Also ask them to check the alternator as well and make sure that the battery cables are corrosion-free.
4 - Check tire pressure - Cold weather causes tire pressure to drop, so it is best to check the pressure when the tires are cool. Set the tire pressure to the specifications in your owners manual. Also, if your car is equipped with tire pressure sensing monitors, you may notice your light on when the cars are the coldest. Typically, after driving a few miles and the tires get warmer, the light should go off. If not, then it is a sign to check your tire pressure.
5 - Check tire tread - Look at the tread depth of your tires. Put a penny head first between the treads. If you can see the top of Abes's hair, it is time to change the tire.
6 - Check the spare tire - Make sure it has proper air pressure, tread depth, and all tire changing equipment is in the vehicle. A spare that has lost some air pressure may also trigger the tire pressure monitor light to come on.
7 - Make sure lights, heater, and defrosters are working properly.
8 - Check rubber hoses and belts for damage. Coolant hoses wear from the inside out, so have one of our technicians check all hoses for cracks..
9 - Have your brake system checked - If you have noot had the system checked in the last six months, be sure to do so soon, If your brakes were borderline acceptable for your most recent state inspection, they are probably ready to be replaced.
10 - Have a winter emergency kit. It is better to play safe than be sorry when preparing for winter driving. Especially in case of a breakdown where you may be stranded. Prepare an emergency kit that fits easily in your trunk. The suggested items to include would be jumper cables, ice scraper, blanket, bottle of water, roadside flares and a flashlight, first aid kit, extra pair of gloves, and maybe some windshield washer fluid.

If you would like for us to check these items for you, we will do so FREE of charge. Please visit the dealerships service department at 8301 Midlothian Turnpike in Richmond. If you have other questions or concerns about preparing your vehicle for winter driving, please call our service department at 804-237-8965. You may also schedule an appointment for us to inspect your vehicle online at our website by visiting http://haleycertified.com/page/ServiceForm2/master/secondary

The Haley Toyota Certified Center in conveniently located a 1/2 mile East of the Powhite Parkway. We are only 10 minutes east from the Village of Midlothian, 20 minutes from the Short Pump area, and 1 miles west of the Chippenham Parkway.

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